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Libera Japan Tour 2015 – Day #1 USJ

Libera USJ concert 20th December 2015

Just 4 months after the Christmas in Summer at USJ, Libera came to Japan again on real Christmas time! flag_japan_s

First of all, I really thank to the boys’ parents for sending their children to Japan on Christmas time. I was actually so surprised when I first heard that Libera would be coming and doing concerts on 21st & 23rd December. Because I know that the Christmas is very important for them, it’s just same as that New Year’s Day is important for us Japanese. Normally they spend Christmas time (holiday) with family. So I knew they had to rush on 24th to get home before 25th no matter what! (thank to the 9-hour time difference!) Think it’s just like we have to work till New Year’s Eve….. oh dear… So thank you Libera boys & team! :)

Day #1 of Japan Tour 2015, they did a mini concert at Universal Studios Japan. As you know, the new song “Angel” has tied up with USJ’s Christmas night show.
USJ 20122015_00

There’s a USJ limited edition of the mini album “天使のくれた奇跡”, which has a photo booklet. Of course I got them as well! Yay! :D
USJ 20122015_01 USJ 20122015_02 USJ 20122015_03

When I arrived around the area for the show & concert at 11am, more than 50 people were already queuing up! I took this at 1pm, 4 hours before the gate opened.

Afterwards, like this → Tweet @DearLibera
Patrick from France was amazed by the people queuing orderly without fences and said “it never happens in Paris!” lol Very proud of it! Hehe ;)

The show “Universal Wonder Christmas – The Voice of an Angel” was really fantastic! A girl sings “Angel” both in English & Japanese, and “Angel Orchestral ver.” is used in the show. Music, projection mapping, dance performance, Drone, lights, fireworks… all worked together very well! I liked it so much. :D
(You can watch the whole show if you like: HERE)
USJ 20122015_05 USJ 20122015_06

After the show, it was Libera time! :D
Muramatsu-san came up to the stage to talk some. He said he was so moved when he first saw the show, and he was proud that he could make this piece with Libera & USJ as a musician. Yeah, we Japanese fans are all very proud of you too, Muramatsu-san!! xD
USJ 20122015_07

RP, right before the concert started! :)
USJ 20122015_08

And the boys! :D
USJ 20122015_09

They sang 5 songs:
1. Joy to the World
2. Carol of the Bells
3. Sanctus
4. Song of Life
5. Angel

22 boys were on this tour:
1. Marc Alvares
2. Leo Barron
3. Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
4. Merlin Brouwer
5. Ben Bywater
6. Gabriel Collins
7. Tadhg Fitzgerald
8. Alex Gula
9. Adam Izghouti
10. Matthew Jansen
11. Timothy Lee
12. Isaac London
13. Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti
14. Alex Montoro
15. Oliver Mycka
16. Cassius O’connell-White
17. Taichi Shinokubo
18. Camden Stewart
19. Rocco Tesei
20. Joseph Walshe
21. Sam Wiggin
22. Lucas Wood

Can hear a bit of Joy to the World, COTB, Ciaran & Taichi’s speech, Angel :)

Song of Life (solo: Ciaran) & Angel (solo: Isaac)

Some photos in Conpetti’s article: HERE

The first complete outdoor-concert went well! Actually they did sort of ‘outdoor-concert’ at Disneyland CA in 2009 though, that was so warm and had a roof. This time, no roof, no sun, just so cold! We wore a lot of clothes and were excited, so didn’t feel cold that much, but the boys must have been cold in the white robe. Hope they had HEATTECH (by UNIQLO) under the robe… :P
Anyway, seemed lots of people enjoyed the show and Libera’s concert. It was great to hear that a fan of the USJ’s shows (not Libera fan) liked Libera’s singing and bought the CD! And I was glad to get to hear “Angel” live finally. This day would be one of my unforgettable Libera memories! ;D

Thank you, Libera and USJ!!! xD
リベラクリスマス in じぱんぐの件いくぜよ!!!\(゜▽゜)/ふぉーーー

まず、記憶に新しい8月の 「Christmas in Summer at USJ


はぃ、そのためだけに東京から参上しますたよヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノむふふ




Merry Christmasのプロジェクションの中、ロバたん&リベラっこソロっと登場。


だから来年こそはユニバクリスマスCM(リベラそんぐ) は全国放送で!!

・ユニバコンサについての記事 – コンフェティ

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Libera Christmas in Summer at USJ

Libera Christmas in Summer at USJ_5th August 2015 @LiberaRecords

As you know, Libera did a Christmas concert at Universal Studios Japan on the 5th of August!!!flag_japan_s

This concert was a world premiere for a new song, which is the 4th time collaboration with Muramatsu-san. The first one “Far Away” and the 3rd one “Song of Life” were used as a theme song of USJ’s Christmas event TV advertisement for the last 4 years.
And this year, the new song will tie up with USJ’s Christmas night show! Woop woop! :D
*Universal Studios Japan’s page – HERE

20 boys travelled all the way from COOL London! Welcome to HOT Japan! ;D

– Marc Alvares
– Shay Balsekar
– Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
– Merlin Brouwer
– Gabriel Collins
– Kavana Crossley
– Thomas Delgado-Little
– Alex Gula
– Matthew Jansen
– Timothy Lee
– Isaac London
– Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti
– Michael Menezes
– Alex Montoro
– Oliver Mycka (youngest boy)
– Cassius O’Connell-White
– Taichi Shinokubo
– Camden Stewart
– Sam Wiggin
– Lucas Wood

Libera Japan Official has kindly reported about the boys’ staying in Japan and the concert on their Facebook page – リベラ(Libera Records)
All is in Japanese, so I’m translating them into English. :)

・Saturday, 1st August at 11:11(JST)
“Hi, Libera fans! The boys arrived in Osaka safely! They all are good!”
Libera USJ_01 @LiberaRecords

・Saturday, 1st August at 11:21(JST)
“Off to their hotel from Kansai International airport!”
Libera USJ_02 @LiberaRecords

・Sunday, 2nd August at 1:38(JST)
“After they arrived at hotel, they had lunch and swimming to refresh! They experienced a local train in Osaka as well. Kavana & Cassius were still small when they last came to Japan 3 years ago, but now they’ve much grown and look after younger boys!”

・Sunday, 2nd August at 1:47(JST)
“The first-ever Japanese Libera boy, Taichi. He was interested in ‘plastic food’ at a restaurant they had dinner, so took a picture with it. It’s very kind of him to interpret when the boys order!”
Libera USJ_08 @LiberaRecords

・Sunday, 2nd August at 1:52(JST)
“Today, the 1st of August, is birthday of Sam Coates & Lucas! And the 4th of August is Ciaran’s birthday! So they celebrated them with a small Bday cake. They naturally sang Happy Birthday song with beautiful harmony! Yes, that’s Libera!”
Libera USJ_09 @LiberaRecords

・Sunday, 2nd August at 1:58(JST)
“Today’s last post. Introducing former Libera member – Sam Coates, Josh Madine and Steven Geraghty! They’ve been helping Libera as staff for a long time. Josh’s smile hasn’t changed since the old days, yeh?”
Libera USJ_10 @LiberaRecords
They saw the sights of Osaka on Sunday. Maybe Libera Official would share the photos of it soon. ;)
They rehearsed with Muramatsu-san at the venue on Monday, then seemed they enjoyed USJ. It was very very hot and humid there so I was worried if they got sick though, they looked ok. :)

On the concert day, unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I’m still in London, but my mum went there with our lovely Libera-friends. She met and talked with Taichi’s family there after Arundel concert last year. Really proud of Taichi’s debut in Japan! xD
It seemed the concert was a bit shorter than usual, and there was no poster/programme.
The song list:

1. Joy to the World
2. Carol of the Bells
3. Sanctus
(solo: Merlin)
4. Exultate (solo: Tom)
5. Song of Life (Solo: Isaac, Piano: Muramatsu-san)


6. Orinoco Flow
7. Amazing Grace (solo: Ciaran)
8. The Prayer (Solo: Isaac)
9. What a Wonderful World (Solo: Isaac)
10. Wayfaring Stranger (Solo: Alessandro)
11. Stay With Me (solo: Merlin, High notes: Lucas)
12. Nearer My God To Thee
13. Joyful Joyful
NEW SONG “Angel” (Solo: Isaac, Piano: Muramatsu-san)

Libera Japan Official’s concert report – Libera Official website
(My English translation)

“On a very hot day, Libera’s Japan concert was held for the first time in 3 years!
Libera showed up in front of 400 fans being excited to see them. Beautiful stained glass was displayed in the venue. Once they started singing “Joy to the World”, it made the air cool and the audience was wrapped up in beautiful atmosphere as the concert has been named “Christmas in Summer”.
20 boys were here this time. The former Libera boy Josh, played the piano, Sam Coates and Steven Geraghty helped the stage as sound engineering staff as well. On the stage, the first-ever Japanese member Taichi, interpreted their speeches. At the end of the first half, Ciaran introduced Muramatsu-san, and he played the piano for “Song of Life”.
They sang well-known songs like “Orinoco Flow”, “Amazing Grace” and so on after interval. And at the end of the second half, they sang the new song “Angel”. It started with a beautiful tubular bell’s sound, Isaac sang the solo and the Libera’s ‘angel voices’ with Muramatsu-san’s piano touched everyone’s heart.
Official photos from this concert will be out soon!”

The good news is that some articles and videos of the concert have been published by the press already! Yay! :D

You can hear a full of “Song of Life”. :)

You can hear a part of “Joy to the World”, “Carol of the Bells”, “Sanctus”, “Exultate”, “Song of Life”, and Taichi & Ciaran’s speech. :)

Some more photos – HERE
20 boys & Muramatsu-san :D
Libera Christmas in Summer at USJ_5th August 2015 @Cinemacafe.net
And the best news is that the new song “Angel” will be released as the 1st single from LIBERA Records this autumn!!! So you also can hear it soon!!! Can’t wait!!! xD

Thank you for coming to Japan, Libera! We Japanese fans had waited to hear/see you in Japan again for long. So very happy to welcome you again. Especially Taichi, you are LOVED and supported by all Japanese fans! Looking forward to seeing you next time! ;D

んであっつーまに帰っていったねヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノプイーン


鼻息がロンドンにまで届いたよ( ̄∀ ̄)ぶ

太一くんママはリベラが日本で人気があるって全然知らなかったってゆう( ̄▽ ̄)

Taichi & Finn at Arundel May 2014
◆Please do not copy this photo. Thank you.◆
秋にはLIBERA Recordsから第1弾シングルとしてCDリリース!!!

たくさんの人がハッピーになってヨカッタヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
リベラっこ達も酷暑の中USJも満喫してったようでヨカッタヨカッタヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Libera in USJ_5th August 2015

・リベラ日本公式ページ – リベラ(Libera Records)
・王子ブログ – 「Libera Christmas in Summer at USJ」
・その他記事 – USJニュースコンフェティシネマカフェ


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Promo videos of Spring Tour 2013 – Taiwan & Korea

This is the latest video of upcoming Spring Tour from Official Libera!
Can see more footage of “The Moon Represents My Heart” as well!:D

4 boys speaking – Cassius, Jude, Isaac and Michael.
12 boys singing in the footage – Jude, Isaac, Eoghan, Dylan, Cassius, Michael UR., Matthew RA., Bertie, Matthew M., Lucas, Ciaran and Tom.

Funny to see how Cassius’s talking and Michael hitting against the white wall!lol Yeah, be careful, Michael. Haha!
The song “The Moon Represents My Heart” is sounding very very beautiful. Can’t wait to hear it at the concert!!!!!

Anyhow, just 3 days to go till the 1st concert in Taipei!!!
And I’m leaving for the first stop Taipei soon!!! Eeeee!!!xD
The other videos of Spring Tour 2013:
From Official Libera – footage from the London concert last November.

From Artemis Art – a bit longer version than the official’s. Can hear “Far Away” (solo: Isaac) as well.

Can hear a part of “The Moon Represents My Heart”, Michael UR’s solo singing.

Cassius and Nano-Ben speaking Chinese.

Isaac, Dylan and Ciaran speaking Korean.

*More info:
Spring Tour in Asia 2013
Set list – Probably they’ll sing “Libera” and “The Moon Represents My Heart” for encore.
M&G at Taiwan concerts – 5-6 boys (out of 26 boys) will appear after each concert for M&G. So if you’re going to all 5 concerts, you can get all 26 boys’ signatures.

*Some other info (I confirmed from Artemis Art): About ticket collection for Taiwan concerts and mugs.
Staff will wait for your coming and deliver you tickets and mugs from 18:30 to 19:30 (concert opening time) on the date. Please help to bring your order sheet and passport.
In Taipei National Concert Hall, staff will be waiting for you at the No.1 gate, just beside the ticket counter. In HsinChu Performaning Art Center, Dadong Arts Center, and Taichung ZhongXin Hall, they will be waiting for you at the main gate.
If you purchase tickets for more than 1 concert, they will prepare all your purchased tickets at your first coming venue. You can have all tickets at one time.
And you can still buy the MUG at venue on the concert day as well. Also you can buy it online and they can ship to your country, this will cause additional post fee though.

さきほどオフィシャルからアップされたやつは”The Moon Represents My Heart” 「月亮代表我的心」のPV撮影中のもの。

が、なんかおかしいぜ( ̄▽ ̄)ぶっは
ちょっとかつての Do Not Stand by ネ申BB を彷彿とさせるこの雑な合成。

ま、リベラ、本業は歌でつからね( ̄▽ ̄)ノみんなそこ覚えてる?←
歌が超よさげなので映像はこの際 テレサ・テン本人映像 でもいいよね(よくねえよ)


Spring Tour in Asia 2013
セットリスト – おそらく「Libera」と「The Moon Represents My Heart」をアンコール。
台湾コンササイン会 – 各コンサート後にそれぞれ5~6人のメンバーがサイン会に参加。だから全5コンサートに来る人は全員のサインゲッツ可能。
台湾コンサチケ&マグ受け取り方法 – オーダーシートとパスポートをお忘れ無く。


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Premiere of Venus in Eros at Tokyo

Today was the premiere of Venus in Eros at Tokyo!!!
My mum and my lovely Libera-friends, Shinobu & Hiromi, went to see it! Yay!:D The photos above were taken by Shinobu – the flyer & T-shirt! Thanks, Shinobu! Hey mum, did you get the T-shirt for me as well?!O_o Hehe.

The report from Shinobu & Hiromi (my English translation);

The director of this film, Ms.Takako Imai, was also there. She greeted to the audience and had speeches before and after screening. She told that her husband (and his mother as well) passed away during this film production. Whilst she was talking about it, she wept about a loss. We are very sorry to hear that… And the Venus, Saori Hara, seems to have been missing after the quake last March. We are worried about her… Then Imai-san talked about Libera also, she said she appreciates their cooperation. After the show, we got to have a talk with her. She said that she really appreciates Yuki-san to spread this film to many of Libera fans, and she told Yuki-san’s mum, “Please tell my appreciation to her!”. Also she said that she’d wanted to invite Libera fans to the screening.

About the film (only the part of Libera), the Libera boys were very adorable in it! It was a bit funny to see Freddie and Cassius looking at the camera whilst acting!haha The picture was beautiful. The Libera songs were used very effectively through the whole. “Ave Virgo” was used in the scene that Venus and David fell in love each other and Eros was jealous of David. Then the next was “Air” and “Touch the Sky”. After that, they sang “Panis Angelicus” in the scene that the Angels console Venus. They said Merry Christmas to Venus, then Kavana, Cassius and Freddie shook hands with her. They were sooooo cute in it!!!;D

*Soundtrack – Libera Choirs

Much thanks, Shinobu & Hiromi, for letting me know the details and giving your impressions instantly! (and taking my mum together!hehe) Wish I could have been there too…

And THANK YOU, Imai-san, for giving me such a big appreciation! It’s my pleasure! I’m very sorry to hear about your husband… You managed to do your work in spite of such a hard situation. Thank you for your effort. Please take care of yourself…

Unfortunately I can’t go see it as I’m in London. But Mini-James (it’s REAL!hehe) tweeted/showed me the picture of a DVD copy of this film!!:D He said: “I was given a copy because I am in it. It is very good!”.
You can see that HERE
So, hopefully they’ll sell DVD copies soon! Can’t wait to get it!:D


とりあえず世にお出しできる程度に腐部分そぎ落としver(←)ですけども( ̄▽ ̄)ノぶ


最後に今井さんとお話することができたんですが、Yukiさんがリベラファンに宣伝してくれたことにすんごい感謝していましたよ!!ママさんに、「宜しくお伝え下さい」って言ってました!!「そしてこれからもぜひ!ぜひ!よろしくお願いします」って( ̄▽ ̄)本当はリベラファンの方を招待したかったとも言ってました。



今井さんが 「ゆきさん宣伝してくれてありがとう」って!!(*´∀`)人(´∀`*)
制作途中に旦那さんが亡くなってしまったんだって 泣いてたぉ。・゚゚ ‘゜(*/□\*) ‘゜゚゚・。でも親しい人達が観にいらしてたみたいで喜んでたよ。本当はリベラファンは招待したかったんだって。

最初は彫刻のビーナスが出てきて 寒い冬の森に一人でいて、それが春になっていくときの映像がキレイ。春になってダビデとエロスの銅像がきて ビーナスはダビデを好きっぽい。彫刻が人間になった場面に変わって 美しいビーナスメイクしてドレス着てダビデと恋におちるんだけど、ふられたエロスが嫉妬に狂うのね。このあたりでAve Virgoが使われて、そのあとAirとTouch the Skyが流れるの。彫刻の場面に戻り嫉妬したエロスが 矢を持ってるんだけど、それを彫刻家に打つのね。そしたら彫刻家が狂ったみたいにビーナスの腕をノミ(?)みたいのでガンガン叩きわるシーンと 同時に人間のビーナスが縛りあげられるシーン。そんで腕が無くなったビーナスと共にまた寒い冬になっちゃって、絶望してる 所に 天使登場\(゜▽゜)/Panis Angelicusを歌って慰めて。ダフくん超かわゆす♥ラルフ・ステフも幼い感じで可愛かった♥カヴァちゃん・カシウス・フレディが、メリークリスマスってビーナスと握手するの。そして笑いながら去っていく天使達(爆←)そして森に雷が落ちてエロスが壊れてビーナスとダビデが幸せに暮らしましたとさ。みたいな。最後にHow Shall I Sing That Majestyが流れながらエンドロール。ベンクローリーエンドロールみてきたよー(*´▽`)ノ


映画「ヴィーナス・イン・エロス 天使たちの詩歌」オフィシャルページ


勝手に(←)Libera Ambassadorとか名乗ってるくらいですから(爆)
Hope to see you soon!!!



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Venus in Eros Japanese official website

Venus in Eros’ Japanese official website OPENED!:D – HERE
(English site – HERE)

The film will be screened at Tokyo, Yokohama, Oosaka, Nagoya and Kyoto!
Probably a lot of Japanese fans can go see it!;D
Tokyo: from 20th to 26th October
Yokohama: from 27th October
Oosaka: from 27th October
Nagoya: from 3rd November
Kyoto: November (the date is not confirmed yet)
Some interesting things have been written in ‘Production Note’ page.:)
(My English translation)

“The beginning of everything was one Christmas card. Which was a photo of a sculpture of naked lady. Ms.Takako got to see the card by chance, and to be attracted by the mysteriousness, eroticism and artistry of it. She sent this card to Mr.Prizeman. He replied to her immediately – “How strange, but still lovely!”. Then she decided to film Venus in Eros using Libera’s songs.”

“When the boys came to the filming location covered with snow, and sang the songs as role of Angels, something memorable happened. Saori Hara (Venus) cried bitterly as their singing touched her heart deeply. They stopped filming and remade her dressing for Venus. The other actors and staffs were moved by her pureness at that time. But only Libera boys looked stupefied as they didn’t get what had happened there. That was very lovely to see.”

“Libera songs in the film also have subtitles because their songs have deep meaning and it is an important factor of this story.”
And I am very very happy to see “Ben Crawley” in ‘Staff’ page as the songwriter of Touch the Sky. He is described: “He is a former Libera member, and he was a charismatic soloist.”
Yeeaahh I know!! He was, and he IS!! ♥o(>▽<*)(*>▽<)o♥ Eeeee!!! (lol)

Anyway, unfortunately I can’t go see since I’m in London, so looking forward to hearing from my friends who go see it!!!;D

Venus in Eros Japanese trailer

映画「ヴィーナス・イン・エロス 天使たちの詩歌」







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