Special interview “Libera – where the harmony originates”

Libera in Japan 2017 Photo by Daisuke Akita
Hi everyone! I haven’t written my blog such a long time… The last one was 17 months ago! I didn’t write about the tours and concerts I went to last year at all. Oops. Sorry.
(I’ve updated my Facebook page: Libera (Japan) – リベラ and Twitter: @DearLibera so please check those regularly. :D)

But I should write about the latest Libera’s tour in my country before I leave Japan!

Angel Voices Tour 2017 “Hope”

So, the first one is about a special interview with Libera by Libera Records. I’ve translated the article as it’s all in Japanese.

Special interview “Libera – where the harmony originates” vol.1
Link to the original article: http://e.usen.com/special/17609/

Interviewer: I’m going to interview with Sam Coates and Steven Geraghty, who performed on the stage as Libera boys on their first Japan Tour in 2005. Sam and Steven, you two have worked on the new album “Hope” as a producer/assistant producer with Robert Prizeman, haven’t you?

Sam: Yes, we know the sound of the boys’ voices and have a shared image of the various sounds coming from the combination of their voices through our experience of singing in Libera for a long time and working with Robert. The boys are different ages and have their own voices, so that leads to making new arrangements and new ideas for songs.

Interviewer: What do you pay attention to when making a chorus?

Steven: If we needed to take a balance, we should keep the unique Libera sound even when trying a new style of song. Diverse musical sensibilities can be brought to the group as many of the Libera old boys participate in creative process.

Interviewer: Sam, you have made the arrangements for Smile, From a Distance, Wayfaring Stranger?

Sam: Smile and From a Distance became more Libera-like in the end after getting advice from Robert and Steven. We revised it listening to their singing when the recording. It’s just the result of our team-work.

Interviewer: What do you think about the current Libera compared to when you were members?

Steven: Libera has always been improved. Boys aged 8 or 9 can join their first tour/concert nowadays. So the sound is a bit different from when we were members. There used to be only 17 or 18 boys on the stage to perform 10 years ago, but now it’s 25 to 30. That makes many more harmonies on the stage.

Interviewer: 20 boys were on the last tour in 2015, now 25 boys are on this tour, that’s why the sound is wider.

Sam: I think so, yes. The current Libera has a fresh and exciting sound, which is well blended. If there was the same thing as before, I would say that the boys always help each other to memorise the songs and their positions, they cooperate to develop the skill of reading music sheets, listening to each other and dealing with various situations. Team-work like this is absolutely essential for Libera.

Libera in Japan 2017 Photo by Daisuke Akita

Steven Geraghty

Libera in Japan 2017 Photo by Daisuke Akita

Sam Coates

Special interview “Libera – where the harmony originates” vol.2
Link to the original article: http://e.usen.com/special/17649/

Comments from some of the Libera boys and a brief report of this tour.

The soloist of “Salve Regina”, Rocco Tesei: We had never sung this song, so the recording was a good experience. We used the experience to help the acting for the music video.

The soloists of “Smile”, Gabriel Collins and Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti: “Smile” is a really amazing piece mixing lots of harmonies. Gabriel’s soft and clear voice is perfect for this song. He says he really enjoys singing this song as it makes him smile a lot. It could be the best song ever amongst Libera’s songs. The music video filming was memorable as well.

The soloist of “Dreaming of Home”, Camden Stewart: This song is absolutely filled with hope. It is sung that a lonely man is living alone and is hoping to get a peaceful and quiet place someday. I personally think that the harmonies in each verse bring a silence.

The soloist of “From a Distance” and “Angele Dei”, Alexander Montoro: “From a Distance” is a song about the peace of the world. It is lovely to sing surrounded by harmonies. I think the catchy melody is very nice. “Angele Dei” is a great song too. It was fun to sing in front of the 3D camera. I like that it has a bit of a dark atmosphere.

The soloist of “Venite Adoremus”, Merlin Brouwer: “Venite Adoremus” is a very exciting song. I feel a great joy singing this song. I like the fresh and pure sense in a back ground.

The soloist of “Wayfaring Stranger”, Alexander Gula: There’re a lot of highlights in this song, and I’m enjoying all the bits. It’s very exciting to sing the last verse at the centre of the stage, and it’s more exciting when singing with a live orchestra. It’s a really great song.

The soloist of “Stabat Mater” and “Hymn to Mary”, Isaac London: “Stabat Mater” means a song for remembering the Virgin Mary, it’s like “Hymn to Mary”. These 2 songs were special as the Virgin Mary is very important for Catholic church. “Stabat Mater” was very difficult to sing but enjoyable. “Hymn to Mary” is in English, so I could sing the lyrics properly with music, and thought this song was light and easy to sing.
Although Isaac London was the soloist of “Angel” and “Jupiter” in the album “Hope”, his voice has begun to change, he takes the low part on this tour.

In this tour, a photo session was held for the first time – ‘Special event for commemoration of issuing LIBERA T-card 〜autograph & photo session〜’. The boys enjoyed the photo shooting with fans saying “Su-shi—-♪” instead of “Cheese!” in Tokyo on the 28th of May.

Libera in Japan 2017 Photo by Daisuke Akita

Say “Su-shi—-!”

Mao Asada, who produced and performed “Jupiter” with Libera last year, came to the concert in Tokyo on the 30th of May. She enjoyed it and visited the Libera boys after the concert. They took a picture with a smile. (Did they say “Su-shi——♪” with Mao too??)
Libera in Japan 2017 Photo by Daisuke Akita

With Mao Asada

Libera moved to Osaka on the 31st of May. They went to the Universal Studios Japan, which they did for a collaboration with “Universal Wonder Christmas” in 2015, and enjoyed their free-time there. On the 2nd of June, they did the final concert at the Grand Cube Osaka.
Libera in Japan 2017 Photo by Libera

Libera in USJ



ま、とにかくさ、Hopeサイコーだよね~~ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ←




リベラOB サムC、スティへのインタビュー


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