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Libera Christmas in Summer at USJ

Libera Christmas in Summer at USJ_5th August 2015 @LiberaRecords

As you know, Libera did a Christmas concert at Universal Studios Japan on the 5th of August!!!flag_japan_s

This concert was a world premiere for a new song, which is the 4th time collaboration with Muramatsu-san. The first one “Far Away” and the 3rd one “Song of Life” were used as a theme song of USJ’s Christmas event TV advertisement for the last 4 years.
And this year, the new song will tie up with USJ’s Christmas night show! Woop woop! :D
*Universal Studios Japan’s page – HERE

20 boys travelled all the way from COOL London! Welcome to HOT Japan! ;D

– Marc Alvares
– Shay Balsekar
– Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
– Merlin Brouwer
– Gabriel Collins
– Kavana Crossley
– Thomas Delgado-Little
– Alex Gula
– Matthew Jansen
– Timothy Lee
– Isaac London
– Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti
– Michael Menezes
– Alex Montoro
– Oliver Mycka (youngest boy)
– Cassius O’Connell-White
– Taichi Shinokubo
– Camden Stewart
– Sam Wiggin
– Lucas Wood

Libera Japan Official has kindly reported about the boys’ staying in Japan and the concert on their Facebook page – リベラ(Libera Records)
All is in Japanese, so I’m translating them into English. :)

・Saturday, 1st August at 11:11(JST)
“Hi, Libera fans! The boys arrived in Osaka safely! They all are good!”
Libera USJ_01 @LiberaRecords

・Saturday, 1st August at 11:21(JST)
“Off to their hotel from Kansai International airport!”
Libera USJ_02 @LiberaRecords

・Sunday, 2nd August at 1:38(JST)
“After they arrived at hotel, they had lunch and swimming to refresh! They experienced a local train in Osaka as well. Kavana & Cassius were still small when they last came to Japan 3 years ago, but now they’ve much grown and look after younger boys!”

・Sunday, 2nd August at 1:47(JST)
“The first-ever Japanese Libera boy, Taichi. He was interested in ‘plastic food’ at a restaurant they had dinner, so took a picture with it. It’s very kind of him to interpret when the boys order!”
Libera USJ_08 @LiberaRecords

・Sunday, 2nd August at 1:52(JST)
“Today, the 1st of August, is birthday of Sam Coates & Lucas! And the 4th of August is Ciaran’s birthday! So they celebrated them with a small Bday cake. They naturally sang Happy Birthday song with beautiful harmony! Yes, that’s Libera!”
Libera USJ_09 @LiberaRecords

・Sunday, 2nd August at 1:58(JST)
“Today’s last post. Introducing former Libera member – Sam Coates, Josh Madine and Steven Geraghty! They’ve been helping Libera as staff for a long time. Josh’s smile hasn’t changed since the old days, yeh?”
Libera USJ_10 @LiberaRecords
They saw the sights of Osaka on Sunday. Maybe Libera Official would share the photos of it soon. ;)
They rehearsed with Muramatsu-san at the venue on Monday, then seemed they enjoyed USJ. It was very very hot and humid there so I was worried if they got sick though, they looked ok. :)

On the concert day, unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I’m still in London, but my mum went there with our lovely Libera-friends. She met and talked with Taichi’s family there after Arundel concert last year. Really proud of Taichi’s debut in Japan! xD
It seemed the concert was a bit shorter than usual, and there was no poster/programme.
The song list:

1. Joy to the World
2. Carol of the Bells
3. Sanctus
(solo: Merlin)
4. Exultate (solo: Tom)
5. Song of Life (Solo: Isaac, Piano: Muramatsu-san)


6. Orinoco Flow
7. Amazing Grace (solo: Ciaran)
8. The Prayer (Solo: Isaac)
9. What a Wonderful World (Solo: Isaac)
10. Wayfaring Stranger (Solo: Alessandro)
11. Stay With Me (solo: Merlin, High notes: Lucas)
12. Nearer My God To Thee
13. Joyful Joyful
NEW SONG “Angel” (Solo: Isaac, Piano: Muramatsu-san)

Libera Japan Official’s concert report – Libera Official website
(My English translation)

“On a very hot day, Libera’s Japan concert was held for the first time in 3 years!
Libera showed up in front of 400 fans being excited to see them. Beautiful stained glass was displayed in the venue. Once they started singing “Joy to the World”, it made the air cool and the audience was wrapped up in beautiful atmosphere as the concert has been named “Christmas in Summer”.
20 boys were here this time. The former Libera boy Josh, played the piano, Sam Coates and Steven Geraghty helped the stage as sound engineering staff as well. On the stage, the first-ever Japanese member Taichi, interpreted their speeches. At the end of the first half, Ciaran introduced Muramatsu-san, and he played the piano for “Song of Life”.
They sang well-known songs like “Orinoco Flow”, “Amazing Grace” and so on after interval. And at the end of the second half, they sang the new song “Angel”. It started with a beautiful tubular bell’s sound, Isaac sang the solo and the Libera’s ‘angel voices’ with Muramatsu-san’s piano touched everyone’s heart.
Official photos from this concert will be out soon!”

The good news is that some articles and videos of the concert have been published by the press already! Yay! :D

You can hear a full of “Song of Life”. :)

You can hear a part of “Joy to the World”, “Carol of the Bells”, “Sanctus”, “Exultate”, “Song of Life”, and Taichi & Ciaran’s speech. :)

Some more photos – HERE
20 boys & Muramatsu-san :D
Libera Christmas in Summer at USJ_5th August 2015 @Cinemacafe.net
And the best news is that the new song “Angel” will be released as the 1st single from LIBERA Records this autumn!!! So you also can hear it soon!!! Can’t wait!!! xD

Thank you for coming to Japan, Libera! We Japanese fans had waited to hear/see you in Japan again for long. So very happy to welcome you again. Especially Taichi, you are LOVED and supported by all Japanese fans! Looking forward to seeing you next time! ;D

んであっつーまに帰っていったねヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノプイーン


鼻息がロンドンにまで届いたよ( ̄∀ ̄)ぶ

太一くんママはリベラが日本で人気があるって全然知らなかったってゆう( ̄▽ ̄)

Taichi & Finn at Arundel May 2014
◆Please do not copy this photo. Thank you.◆
秋にはLIBERA Recordsから第1弾シングルとしてCDリリース!!!

たくさんの人がハッピーになってヨカッタヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
リベラっこ達も酷暑の中USJも満喫してったようでヨカッタヨカッタヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Libera in USJ_5th August 2015

・リベラ日本公式ページ – リベラ(Libera Records)
・王子ブログ – 「Libera Christmas in Summer at USJ」
・その他記事 – USJニュースコンフェティシネマカフェ


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Libera on Japanese TV show

Today, Libera appeared on Japanese TV show!:D
The show is like “Travelling along River Thames – London, Cotswolds, classical travel” which is presenting about London, then their performing and practising scene can be seen in it. According to Kavana’s tweet, it was filmed on 6th of June.
This YT video was recorded by my lovely friend.;) Actually there was a brief introduction of Libera with the music clip of “Song of Life” in the beginning, but for some reasons (you know…) that’s cut off.
14 boys appeared – Michael UR, Isaac, Dylan, Jude, Matthew M, Henry, Luke, Carlos, Kavana, Matthew RA, Eoghan, Cassius, Jakub and Michael M.
They sang Sanctus there. So beautiful! Thank you, boys!xD
And surprisingly Josh was there!:) He helps their practising like BB, Sam and Steven! Great to see such a behind scene.;)
You can see so many cute scenes! Enjoy it!:D
Oh yeh, I don’t know about this church. I’ve thought/heard that they usually practise in the building next to St Philip’s, but it’s obviously not St Philip’s, and it was not mentioned in the show. Does anyone know it???

*That church Libera performed for the show is here – ‘All Saints Church West Dulwich’
Thank you to Jimmy Riddle for the discovery!:)

わーーーーい\(゜▽゜)/リベラ今年二度目のテレビ出演 in Japan!!!
BS朝日「テムズ河の旅 悠々二人旅」




キラ粉様( ̄▽ ̄)ノうぇっへえい★←

いやらしいったらありゃしない( ´_ゝ`)ノぶははは
普段もう私服で来てるぜよ( ̄ー ̄)ふは


誰かがそのうち調べて探し当てるでしょー←そゆのはめんどくさい人( ̄▽ ̄)ノはぃ

*さっそくどこの教会か発見してくれたぜ Jimmy Riddle さんくとぅす♪
‘All Saints Church West Dulwich’

あのキメキメ笑顔に計算高さを感じたのはアタシだけか?( ̄ー ̄)ぶ




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