Group photo - edited by Patrick

Original photo from the photobook “A LIBERA YEAR”, edited by Patrick @fan_de_LoK

Name ( : Birthday) ◆…as of March 2018.
In order of age/appearance

Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey : 04/08/2002
Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti : ??/10/2002
Isaac London : 20/02/2003
Marc Alvares : unknown
Alexander Montoro : unknown
Alexander Gula : unknown
Gabriel Collins : unknown
Camden Stewart : 06/06/2004
Rocco Tesei : ??/08/2005
Merlin Brouwer : unknown
Benedict Bywater : unknown
Adam Izghouti : unknown
Taichi Shinokubo : 22/01/2006
Leo Barron : unknown
Tadhg Fitzgerald : ??/07/2007
Oliver Mycka : unknown
Gregor Lumsden : ??/05/2004
Peter Kielty : unknown
Mathias Montoro : unknown
Arthur Palmer : unknown
Emanuele Borrelli : unknown
Neo Parson : unknown
Romeo Tesei : unknown
Victor Wiggin : unknown
Alexandre Menuet : unknown
Laurence Taylor : unknown
Nathaniel Bates-Fisher : unknown
Samuel-Francis Collins : unknown
Joseph Cranitch : unknown
Oliver Watt-Rodriguez : unknown
Cassius Collard : unknown
Koji Shinokubo : unknown
Theo Wood : unknown

Ethan Barron : unknown
Louis Boon : unknown
Johnny Gardner : unknown
Jack Spicha : unknown
Nicholas Taylor : unknown
Calam Virk Tamana : unknown
Benjamin Wevill : unknown
Daniel White : unknown

(★ = Singing at St Philip’s ☆ = Singing only when their holiday)
Liam O’Kane : 13/05/1984
Steven Geraghty : 18/07/1987 ★
Ben Crawley : 07/09/1987
Sam Coates : 01/08/1988 ★
Anthony Chadney : 31/08/1989
Chris Robson : 23/10/1989
George Tarlton : 02/02/1990
Simon Lewis : 14/08/1990 ★
Raoul Neumann : 28/09/1990 ☆
Jake Shortall : 25/05/1991
Joe Platt : 20/08/1991
Joe Sanders-Wilde : 08/10/1991
Conor O’Donnell : 26/05/1992
Callum Payne : 08/06/1992
Sam Abouelfaid : 03/09/1992
Michael Horncastle : 07/02/1993
James Vereycken : 26/08/1993
Tom Cully : 02/07/1994
Sam Leggett : 12/10/1994 ★
Joshua Madine : 26/10/1994 ☆
Oliver Cole : 27/11/1994
Jonathan Barrington : 31/01/1995 ☆
Mine Akpobome : 15/07/1995
Michael Vereycken : 09/10/1995
Ed Day : 18/11/1995
Liam Connery : 04/12/1995
Joe Snelling : 06/12/1995
Daniel Fontannaz : 31/12/1995
Ben Philipp : 06/01/1996
Zach Lockett : 16/04/1996
Thomas Cole : 29/04/1996
Alex Leggett : 23/07/1996
Tiarnan Branson : 17/12/1996 ☆
James Threadgill : 31/01/1997
Jakob De Menezes-Wood : 25/05/1997
Sammy Moriarty : 06/01/1998
Stefan Leadbeater : 20/03/1998
Ralph Skan : 12/08/1998
Alfie Smart : 24/08/1998
Kavana Crossley : 01/12/1998 ★
Carlos Rodriguez Villegas : 08/12/1998
Luke Collins : 28/12/1998
Flynn Marks : 08/04/1999
Henry Barrington : 11/05/1999
Jakub Neidermaier-Reed : 25/05/1999
Matthew Rangel-Alvares : 02/06/1999 ☆
Eoghan McCarthy : 15/08/1999 ★
James Mordaunt : 09/12/1999
Orlando Woscholski : 10/05/2000
Barney Lindsell : 17/05/2000
Freddie Ingles : 30/07/2000
Matthew Jansen : 28/09/2000 ★
Dylan Duffy : 21/02/2001
Cassius O’Connell-White : 15/06/2001
Jude Collins : 27/06/2001
Anthony Blake : unknown
Matthew Madine : 15/11/2001 ★
Thomas Delgado-Little : 03/01/2002
Ben Fairman : 07/06/2002
Michael Ustynovych-Repa : 10/09/2002
Michael Menezes : 02/01/2003
Timothy Lee : 26/05/2003 ★
Lucas Wood : 01/08/2003
Oscar McFall : unknown
Adrian Sheard : unknown
Sam Wiggin : unknown ★
Anthony Kerr-Munley : unknown
Bertie Smart : unknown
Shay Balsekar : unknown ★
Mark Ustynovych-Repa : unknown
James Menezes : unknown
Joseph Walshe : unknown
Finn Wood : unknown
Tom Cooper : unknown
Henry Cullinan-Hollihead : unknown

Sere Akpobome : unknown
Luis Fernandes : unknown
Misha Lieven : unknown
Eoin Sherry : unknown
Jamie Trinder : unknown
Phillip Russ : unknown
Shea Duffy : unknown
Sejus Toussaint-O’Neill : unknown
Oliviero Veneri-Thomas : unknown
Luke Jelley : unknown
Cameron Taylor : unknown

I update this list determining from what I actually got to see at concerts and St Philip’s. But it’s just my guess, so please know that it’s not 100% sure and I DO NOT know the reason why the boys left – it’s the thing only they themselves know. And the boys I’ve put in the ‘Former’ might be coming back to a tour/concert. If that happens, of course it would be great! :)


◆ Main Staffs ◆

-Andy Winter ・・・Production co-ordinator
-Barbara Geraghty ・・・Libera co-ordination and Chaperone
-Eleanor Lewis ・・・Libera co-ordination and Chaperone, Musical trainer
-Kathy Kielty ・・・Programme design and art direction

-Sam Coates ・・・Assistant musical director
-Steven Geraghty ・・・Assistant musical director, Stage direction
-Ben Crawley ・・・Assistant musical director, Songwriter – “Touch the Sky”
-Raoul Neumann ・・・Horn
-Joshua Madine ・・・Piano/Keyboard
-Simon Lewis ・・・Stage management
-Jonathan Barrington ・・・Stage management
-Tiarnan Branson ・・・Stage management
-Kavana Crossley ・・・Stage management
-Eoghan McCarthy ・・・Stage management
-Matthew Jansen ・・・Stage management


◆ Other Notes ◆

-Steven & Daren Geraghty
-James & Michael Vereycken
-Oliver & Thomas Cole
-Sam & Alex Leggett
-Joshua & Matthew Madine
-Jonathan & Henry Barrington
-Mine & Sere Akpobome
-Luke & Jude & Gabriel & Samuel Collins
-Alfie & Bertie Smart
-Dylan & Shea Duffy
-Michael & Mark Ustynovych-Repa
-Michael & James Menezes
-Sam & Victor Wiggin
-Lucas & Finn & Theo Wood
-Alex & Mathias Montoro
-Rocco & Romeo Tesei
-Taichi & Koji Shinokubo
-Leo & Ethan Barron

-Sam L & Alex L, Josh & Matthew M, Jakob, Michael M. & James M.
-Tiarnan, Oliver C & Thomas C
-Matthew RA, Marc

<Parent and child>
-Barbara & Steven Geraghty
-Eleanor & Simon Lewis
-Kathy & Peter Kielty


29 responses to “Choristers

  1. Hi, Yuki!

    I love this section! I think there are a few more sets of brothers. Jonathan & Matthew Arthey, Simon & Alex Beston, Chris & Alex Baron. Hope I’m right on that. lol

    Also, another parent and child set. Andrew Winter and Ron Winter sang on the Free CD. I always thought they were Andy’s sons. I’m pretty sure Andy told me it was he and his son! :D

    I have a few more birthdays I’ll send you later on FB. :)



    • Hi Lauren! Thanks for your comment.:)

      Yeah I know that, and you’re right. But I just listed the members of “Libera” here. (Daren was not Libera
      Oh Andy told you that? Then, that’s true.:) I also heard it from one former member’s dad.
      You have more? Newbies’ Bday? Wow! I’m waiting for your msg and will add them to this list. Thanks.:D



  2. I have just found your blog and it’s amazing! It has a lot of useful info and great pictures and videos. And nice design too!

    I have wondered what had been of James Mordaunt and Freddie Ingles, and am quite sad to see they have left Libera. After hearing them singing solos at the Peace album, I didn’t expect them to leave so soon… At least Ben Philipp is still there, who is my favorite member ;)


    • Sorry for such late reply!!
      Thank you very much finding my blog and your compliment! Glad you like it.:)
      Yes, I was also sad about Freddie & Mini-James’s leaving… Freddie moved away with his family, so had to leave Libera. Don’t know James’ reason though… Oh your fave is Ben P.:) He might start to sing in the choir again after this summer, not sure yet, but we’ll see.;)


      • petitblogbymoi

        Don’t worry about it ;) So Freddie moved away, huh? What a shame.. But I wonder why James stopped.. Yes I like Ben<3 I wondered if he had left, but happy to hear he might have just had a little break :D It would be so nice if he appeared in the loose moose show as well, as he has quite a lot of humor! Also remember that he said he maybe would like to become an actor! not sure if he still has that dream… (hoping<3)


  3. Anonymous

    hello yuki~^^ wow so many new member join libera^^ i hope they will join this spring tour^^ and jakob.barney.sam.alex and orlando are left??


  4. The Furby

    Awesome job Yuki ! Thanks a lot ! I didn’t realise there were that many newbies – completely lost in names… :)


  5. Annette Barlow

    Hi Yuki, Thank you! What a fantastic effort! There are so many active members plus newbies. What an amazingly musical family the Leggetts/Madine/Menezes are! Incredible too that Josh is still listed as active. Some of those older boys will possibly be caught up with important exams when it comes to the Spring Tour. Oh the anticipation of it all!!


  6. Hi, Yuki, I just wanna ask, who are exactly from St. Philip’s?


    • Anonymous

      is matthew still in libera?? im just asking that because when josh madine had to leave libera, I was so upset I almost cried :( but I dont want matthew to leave too, I hope not :l and one more question, do you think josh and matthew are hot!? im sorry, I just got to know! :) please reply back, thanks!


  7. Anonymous

    Oh wow! This blog is amazing!


  8. Anonymous

    Timothy lee bday : 26.05.2003
    Alessandro bday: .11.2002
    Michael menezes: 02.01.2003 (i think)


  9. Poppopop

    Hi do you want me to tell you a few birthdays


  10. Anonymous

    No I’m not really sure where the church is :( when are the pictures going to be put up :)


  11. megaroo

    Just a question I am not 100% sure but didn’t Liam O’Kane have a brother in Libera too?


  12. Anonymous

    So….Michael UR will not sing with the group anymore?


  13. Rebecca

    Hello! I know that the age limit is 7 to 16, but I was wondering who is the youngest member that is active. Also, when it says “newbies” do you mean that the boys under the “newbies” list do not have a part in any of the songs or concerts? Are they just practicing or…?

    Thank You!


  14. Julie Elliott

    Well done on such an extensive list! Although Robert Prizeman encourages the boys to stay in the choir once their voices transition/break, essentially it’s the boys decision whether they want to remain or leave. Thank you for all the information you shared, great source about past and present Libera choir members.


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