About Me

-12th June 2011

Welcome to my blog!!! I’m YukiBOL. (Actual name is Yuki.)

I had been writing the blog/diary since Apr.2009 in Japanese SNS -“mixi”. Recently have not written it for some reason though… And I was thinking of trying to have my blog in English as well because would like to talk about Libera with more people in the world.
And now, finally I created my Libera blog – “Dear Libera”. I have been copying my articles out over here from mixi, and been editing some of them translating into English for a while. But I’m afraid almost all of them are still in Japanese so far…
Oh and I guess you can use the translator like google. But probably it can’t translate my articles in Japanese since my writing is not with proper Japanese available on translator…sorry hehe.:P

Well… my English is not so good yet. So you might feel it a bit weird though, please bear with me.:)


I got to know about Libera in May 2007 – watched a TV programme kind of like the topic of their concert tour by chance. I heard “Far Away” that Tom sang in it, then his AMAZING voice made me cry in a moment! I actually had listened to Vienna Boys Choir live before (since my junior high school invited them to our school.), but it didn’t move me much. (I don’t mean they were not good. Their songs are also beautiful.) After that, I had rarely listened to boy’s choir music till then, so this “Far Away” was the very impact for me.

But… I didn’t start to google soon… don’t know why… eh…orz

Then toward year-end 2008, I heard the singing voice like Tom on TV by chance AGAIN! It was “You Were There” – for a film promotion of “Nobody to Watch Over Me”. It reminded me of “Far Away” and the boys in white robes! I googled immediately this time – good job!(lol), and got to know they would come to Japan in January, and have some concerts in April!!! Wow good timing! I was very lucky to know it before they came! Would have been more lucky if I had googled one and a half year earlier though… whatever.:P

So my first Libera concert was the one in Tokyo in Apr.2009.
And then Yuki’s Tour also started….:D


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Anna M.

    Hi! I really like your blog and the information is very much up to date. Good job! Do you have an account on Facebook? I wanna subscribe to your posts! THAAAAANKSS A LOT!! – Anna M. :D


  2. Hi Yuki! Just found out about you through @LiberaSingapore. I wonder if you’re one of the worldwide fans I met after Saturday’s M&G finished. Was it you I talked to?


  3. Alex

    Great blogs, please dont stop!


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