Bundang St John’s Cathedral Church – 12th Apr. 2013

Autograph signing
10 boys appeared for that:
Tom, Alessandro, Michael UR., Michael M., Matthew M., Dylan, Kavana, Eoghan, Matthew J. and Isaac.

I was sitting in the 4th or 5th row at this concert (unusually lol). So I didn’t think the boys got to find me in the audience from the stage. But Eoghan did it! He said “You were at far today!” or something like that. Oh he has good eyes… Wait, he always doesn’t wear the glasses on the stage! How come he got to see?! …Well, he seems to wear contact lenses at concerts. Oh now I see. ;)

今回のコンサは珍しく(←)前列ぢゃなくて、4・5列目に座ってて。しかも周りもみんなアジアンだから、リベラっ子からは見えないだろーと思ってたんだけど (いつもけっこーみんな「一番前にいたね」とか「舞台から見っけたよ」とか言ってくる)。サイン会んときに応援が「今日はちょっと後ろにいたね」っつって。距離的にも近くなかったし東洋人ストレートフラッシュ状態だったのによく見っけたなと(驚)・・・ん?でもコンサ中はいつも眼鏡してないのに見えんのか?? と疑問に思っていたら、応援はコンサんときはコンタクトしてるんだそーな。ガントムにもお勧めしておやりヾ(・ε・。)

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And for those who are waiting for Josh…..;)

Bundang 12042013_01 Bundang 12042013_02


5 responses to “Bundang St John’s Cathedral Church – 12th Apr. 2013

  1. how lucky you are.. you can see them in every Libera concert.. wish I were you so they know me as they know you well, lol ;)


  2. そっか~、応援コンタクトだったか~。ロバさんとアイコンタクトできてたのもそのおかげなんですね。世間話できろYUKIさん、うらやましいっす。


  3. Rina



  4. Anonymous

    …sigh….Josh is soooo handsome!! Thank you for sharing


  5. Hello! I was wondering if you knew the address of St. John’s cathedral? I live in Bundang and I’d really like to attend on Sunday! Thanks!


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