Taipei National Concert Hall – 2nd Apr. 2013

At the end of the concert

Taipei 02042013_01 Taipei 02042013_02 Taipei 02042013_03

From the left side:
Michael UR., Nano-Ben, Alessandro, Tom, Jude, Cassius, Anthony B., Marc, Matthew J., Eoghan, Kavana (behind RP!), Henry, Carlos, Luke, Matthew RA., Matthew M., Oscar, Anthony K., Sam, Jakub, Ciaran, Bertie, Dylan, Isaac, Lucas and Michael M.

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Autograph signing
10 boys appeared for that:
Matthew M., Tom, Dylan, Bertie, Kavana, Matthew J., Michael M., Eoghan, Alessandro and Isaac.
The first signing session for Bertie and Alessandro.:)

はろーボーイズ、一週間ぶりだね( ̄▽ ̄)ノぶ←
異国の地でもおなじみの顔(アタシ)を見るとみんな安心した表情になるのが嬉しいよ。教会ではもうかれこれ1年以上見てるバーティー。兄貴は鉄仮面だったのに弟はめさ人なつっこい。次期メタボ社長決定( ̄▽ ̄)

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Seeing them off
Got to see Josh and Jonathan as well.:)

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2 responses to “Taipei National Concert Hall – 2nd Apr. 2013

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the photo shoot!


  2. Anonymous

    Your’e AWESOME!!! Love all your posts! Since I had some people that I could stay with in Taiwan and they were going to be there during my Spring Break, I was literally begging my dad to go (lolz!)! I didn’t get to go… :(. I only discovered Libera a little more than a year ago, so I haven’t went to any of their concerts yet…hope to be able to soon!!! LURV Libera!!


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