UK concert 2011 London

Libera’s Christmas concert at a cathedral in London!!!
I’ve dreamt of it!!!xD
The set list was quite the same as Phils Tour, except the encore. I was guessing they would sing Himig Ng Pasko, since they sang Bayan Ko at Arundel concert after Phils Tour 2010. But they sang only White Christmas for the encore.
When they do the concert in London, many newbies appear.
This time 5 newbies!!!

Here is the chorister list. “★” are newbies.:)

-Henry Barrington
-Jonathan Barrington
-Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
-Tiarnan Branson
-Jude Collins
-Luke Collins
-Liam Connery
-Kavana Crossley
-Thomas Delgado-Little
-Jakob De Menezes-Wood
-Dylan Duffy
-Benjamin Fairman
-Daniel Fontannaz
-Matthew Jansen
-Stefan Leadbeater
-Alexander Leggett
-Misha Lieven ★
-Barnaby Lindsell (Barney)
-Isaac London
-Joshua Madine
-Matthew Madine
-Eoghan McCarthy
-Oscar McFall ★
-Michael Menezes ★
-Samuel Moriarty
-Kuba Niedermaier-Reed (Jakub)
-Cassius O’Connell-White
-Benedict Philipp
-Matthew Rangel-Alvares
-Carlos Rodriguez
-Ralph Skan
-Bertie Smart ★
-Michael Ustynovych-Repa
-Lucas Wood ★

I’m not sure if Michael Menezes and Lucas Wood are related to Jakob (it’s obvious that they’re not Jakob’s brother), and if Bertie Smart is Alfie’s brother. But I saw one boy who kind of looked like Alfie. But don’t know if he was Bertie. And today (Sunday) I saw newbies carefully at the church, saw one black haired boy I have not seen before…but not sure if he was jakob’s cousin.:P
Hmm we’ll see…

Sad news…
About Freddie, I heard a sad news from Ms.Takako Imai, who is a film director and also a translater for Libera, she asked Sam about him – he left Libera since his family has moved away.;(
About Mini-James, I read on LDF that someone saw him in the audience, but I didn’t get to see him there. Wanted to see him again.;(
About Sam L, he arrived at the venue with his family a few minutes before the doors open. So realised he would not sing at this moment.
And about Orland, did hear nothing about him… he appeared on US Tour and was at SoP 50th as well. But he was not on Phils Tour and this concert, and today didn’t see him at the church. Hmm… hope he’s still in Libera.

Good news…
I talked to Ms.Takako Imai, and asked about the film which some of the Libera boys participated. My previous article – Here
She said ; there’re some problems about credit of music so far, but it will be going well. So as she said in her email I got, will be released next spring in Japan. Yes, of course, she thinks probably it will be released before/around the Tokyo concerts!:D:D:D
She also said she would email me when the news was coming! Awww thank you so much, Imai-san!!! Can’t wait to hear from her!!!xD
Alright, then, my concert review… here we go!

1. Jubilate & Libera

Jakob was back, but the solo of the beginning was Matthew RA in the same way as Phils Tour.
The harmony by Matthew RA, Ralph, Carlos, Eoghan, Matthew J and Alex. Beautiful as always! Then Cassius & Barney’s solo.
I like the way Stef moved slowly before the last chorus of Libera. Looks grand!:D
2. Joy to the World

One of my favourites. Cheerful song. Sounded a bit slower than CD.:O
The high part was Eoghan.
3. Still, Still, Still

Ralph’s solo and 7-low-voices were so comfortable.;)
4. Song of Life

When Ralph started to sing solo, kind of felt his voice got a little bit lower than last concert. But still he keeps high and powerful. AWESOME!xD
The harmony was Daniel and Kavana.
5. Sanctus

I said this before, this song send me to heaven…don’t know where heaven is though.:P I think this song in particular is good to hear at cathedral. The echo make it more heavenly.
Solo (Ah— part) was Stef, high part was Kavana, and the last part was Luke.
6. Salva

The high part (Salva—) solo was Matthew RA. Didn’t get to see him well since he stood at back. But he did a great job as always!
And another high part in the chorus (Free me to—) was Luke and Ralph. Powerful indeed!:D
7. Stay With Me

Daniel and Cassius’s solo. Yeah I know..his voice has broken. But want him to sing solo!!! Actually he is always in the batch of main harmony, and could hear his voice clearer than Cassius. Go go, Daniel!!:D
8. Veni Emmanuel

Heeeyyyy how many girls fell in love with Josh?!?!lol
On the Phils Tour, Josh was standing behind Ralph at the left side of the stage – you can see it in Libera’s video “Christmas Album Preview” (around 1:05). This time, Josh stood at front and almost centre of the stage! And his singing was much better than Phils concerts!!!
Awww PERFECT!!!xD Actually a friend of my friend who did see/hear Libera for the first time was really surprised by his voice, aura like a star, and super small face!lol
Anyway really amazing Josh! Oh my Josh! (I usually say Oh my Ben!, but let me say Oh my Josh at this moment! Hehe!)
9. Exultate

Stef’s solo. I guess he is not good at up-tempo slightly. Sounds cute for me!xD
I like the way of singing of Jonathan. he always looks happy to sing this song.;)
10. Carol of the Bells

Lurv love love this Ding-dong-song! Happy to get to see that quick motion again!:D It’s exciting. Probably directing those movements is Concert producer’s work, isn’t it? So GOOD JOB, Ben!!! Hehehe.
Stef & Ralph’s Ah-ah-ah– were very good. What great singers they are!xD
11. Gloria

Gorgeous! The highest melody was by Matthew RA. Maybe the newbies joined…couldn’t see them AT ALL since they stood at back of Josh/Alex/Liam…lol
12. Fountain

Before this song, there was Cassius & Barney’s speech “Massive hood”. They have changed the action of this part every concerts. This time, Cassius was pulled the hood on his face by Barney (as usual), Barney left Cassius at the centre and went to his place. Then RP’s piano sound woke Cassius up, and he returned to his place. Aw how cute!:D
Ralph’s solo was really good! Always Goosebumps at “To cry for all” really!!!
13. Eternal Light

Awwwwww special song for me! Want to hear this all the time. Of course, Stef’s solo was STUNNING indeed! Touched my heart so deeply this time as well. Really happy to see/hear those 3’s singing – Stef & Ralph & Daniel. Lurrrvvv this song!!!xD
14. Sing the Story

I like this song too. Luke’s solo of the beginning was a bit slower than RP’s piano.
The high part was Stef. So good!:D
15. Ave Verum

Carlos and Matthew J & Barney’s solo was very good. And love the “V” formation. Josh was at the top as always, Liam & Jonathan were at the second row, Ben & Alex were at the third row… Anyway this was the 2nd highlight of Josh!
Could hear 7-low-voices, but the sound of instruments was a bit loud.
16. In Dulci Jubilo

The highest voice was Ralph’s. Very nice, warm christmassy.:)
17. Glory to Thee

Eoghan’s solo was also brilliant!! I like the way which voices follow each other.;)
18. How Shall I Sing That Majesty

Stef & Eoghan’s solo, absolutely excellent!!! Aw so nice! So gorgeous! Stef’s older voice is really beautiful.xD
Encore – White Christmas

Needless to say, this was my highlight of this day!!!!!!!!!!
Stef’s vocal is dramatic. Sharp but soft, strong but tender, grand but pure… I think it’s similar to Tom Cully’s vocal a little bit. Tom’s is just like the sound of violin, and Stef’s is also like that.
This was totally AMAZING!!! Much better than Phils concerts. I was moved so much and was about to cry…*tear*
He IS a great singer already. Thousands of BRAVOs to Stefan!!!xDxDxD
After all, no Jakob’s solo. His voice might have broken. But he was standing at front with high part boys some times. If he went to low part, would be 9-low-voices!!!(including Sam)
And I couldn’t see newbies on the stage at all! Can’t remember well which song they joined!lol

This is the photo of after the encore. Blurred and not all the boys though…

Will write the other stories in the next entry…;)



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28 responses to “UK concert 2011 London

  1. you know what? you’re the BEST!!! T^T
    I can imagine so clearly and obviously how the concert went only by reading your review! another GREAT concert huh? :)
    awwww I’m dying to hear their perfect live again!
    how I wish I were there too! thanks for sharing “again”. lol <3
    can't wait for "part 2" as well ;) xxx


    • Sorry for my late replyyy…wahaha
      Aww thank you for such a lovely word! The highest compliment for me!xD That was really great concert♥ Yeah I was dying to hear Stef’s White Christmas again!!♥♥♥ Stef is an AMAZING boy indeed!!!xD


  2. hannah_kirstin

    Excellent review, Yuki! Josh sounded even better than Phil concerts??? That must have been amazing to hear! Should we start an official petition for them to release a video of that? Wish I could hear it again….
    Glad to hear our boy Stef was on top form again. I guess part of the reason I love him is because his voice has similarities with Tom’s! Love how you described Stefan’s voice, “Sharp but soft, strong but tender, grand but pure.” Perfect.
    And about Ralph’s voice sounding a bit deeper for this concert, I hope he keeps his beautiful treble voice for at least one more year! Need to hear him when he returns to Phils. hehehe


    • Thank youuuu, Hannah!:D Yes, Josh’s singing was truly even better than Phils one! It’s worth to record and release it of course, but I think doing that (I mean, highlighting Josh for Veni Emmanuel) is not so fine, since the original soloist is Daniel and he IS singing on the stage.:) To hear Josh’s solos is privilege for people who attended the concert so far?hehehe
      Yeah agree with you – the reason we love Stef. Aw glad you liked my describing.;)
      And yes, Ralph’s voice sounded deeper, but very very slightly. Hope to hear his treble in April as well!!!


  3. nice review, thank you, wish I could have been there. Can we do that, hold a petition for a videorelease? I’ve read somewhere that there was a professionel videocamaraman so it is on video, why not release it on video. Good to hear that Josh is still great, lets keep him in for much longer, he’s the best!!!!!!!! thank you Yuki


    • Hi, thank you for coming to my blog.:)
      Really hope they release a new concert DVD! Yes, there were some cameras, but they were for the big screens for the people who were at the back of the venue. Josh is still absolutely great.!;)


  4. Winkle

    As always, Thanks for the Review Yuki! As I’ve said, You deserve the title of “Libera’s Number 1 Fan”.. LOL. Seriously! Again, Thanks. It’s really sad to hear the Freddie left, I’m sure it’s perfectly reasonable but I’m totally going to miss him. I really hope that James Mordaunt won’t leave too, that would totally make me sad. (He’s one of my favorite voices. Ever. “Touch The Sky” is one of my favorite songs too. xD). Thanks so much for the update, it was really quick too.. Stay safe and happy ok Yuki? ^__^ Cheers!


    • Thank you for your lovely words, Winkle!:)
      Yeah really sorry about Freddie… I’m not sure if Mini-James won’t be back since I didn’t heard it from him directly, but I think he’s left because he hasn’t appeared any events since the US Tour.
      very sorry for my too late reply comment!lol Cheers!


  5. Hey there Yuki! :) My, you’re one diligent fan. Very diligent indeed! :) scrolling through my newsfeed in Facebook I see Dear Libera bloglink from time to time, but not really paying attention to it. This time, since I saw it’s English, I said I’d visit it. And now I’m visiting, I was quite surprised to find that you’re the blog author! :D

    Thanks so much for your updates. It’s nice to hear Libera news from someone who’s been with them. It’s like you’re the Libera representative friend. :)


    • Hey Christin! Welcome to my blog! Laughed your ” I see Dear Libera bloglink from time to time, but not really paying attention to it.” lol If Dear Libera was another person’s blog, I don’t post them to my FB wall such lots of times!lol Anyway glad you noticed this was my blog.hehehe
      Will keep updating here when I have time.;)


  6. Mickey

    Yuki様、 お疲れ様でした。
    早速のレポ感激です。 臨場感一杯でじょす君の姿が見えるようです。


    今、何組かいるでしょ? ロバ様やってくれないかなぁ。


    • お返事衝撃的な遅さでごめんなぱぉ( ̄▽ ̄)♥←



      てかダビデソロが聴きたい( ´_ゝ`)ノ


  7. junokulon

    Yuki さん、詳細なレポ ありがとうございます♪♪
    Freddie は そういうことだったのね、残念だけど…
    Still,Still,Still も好きなんだけど、特に3番の低音部が高音部とミックスされる所の感じがいいです。他の歌でも深みが出るし、低音部の子達に できるだけ長く歌ってほしいな~。
    Ralph は、この前のTV出演の時 ちょっと声が 低くなってるように感じたけど、(背も伸びたよね)きれいな声のまま低くなってほしいね。で、素晴らしかったんだ、良かった~♪♪
    Daniel ガンバッてる!! Josh ますますパワーアップですか!?すごいね!!
    Veni Emmanuel 聴いてみたかったです。
    Eoghan も良かったんだ~他の子達も良かったんですね(まとめてごめんなさい)♪♪
    で、やっぱりStefan パーフェクツだったのねん♪♪
    How Shall I~とか、White Christmas とか、Liveで聴きたいです!!!
    せめて、video 観たいな~~!!!
    そして、あのLibera 出演映画のことも お知らせありがとうございます♪♪
    写真も ありがとうございます♪♪

    続きは 無理しないでアップしてくださいね。



    • 遅れす大王が通りますよっと( ´_ゝ`)ノぶ

      Still Still Stillのそこ、ほんとイイよねー
      たまにショック受けたりもするけどもね( ̄▽ ̄)ばはは

      うんうん、あのWhite Christmasは映像でしっかり残すべきものだと思うわ!!!!!


  8. Zucchero



    • フレディねー、もうどうにもならん距離のとこに引越したんだって。
      おお、大学受験かー。そんなー時代もーあーったねとー( ̄▽ ̄)byみゆき中島


  9. thelma l. guzman

    hello yuki! very nice review of the london concert. thanks for sharing.


  10. MickeyDeeM

    Hello, Yuki! Thanks for review! You’re the best fan of Libera in the world (:


  11. hi, I agree with you, i love the way of singing of Jonathan, he always looks happy. I love him hahaha


  12. さや



    • お返事激遅でごめんなぱぃ( ̄▽ ̄)ぎゃひーん


  13. まろん




    • ぶはははwwwwwいつも雰囲気で読み取ってくれてありがちょwww
      なんとかどーにかアップすると思う(←)から待っててちょんまげ( ̄▽ ̄)ノきゃふ


  14. ewe

    what do you mean by josh having a super small face?


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