“The Christmas Album”

New christmas album CD cover from PolyEast Records! Their FB page
Thank you to Patrick for the link.:)

The name of the christmas album seems to be “The Christmas Album”… like ‘their moose mascot’s name is Moose’.:D
The release date is TENTATIVELY 26th September in the Philippines. EMI Classics says “‘The Christmas Album’, available November 1st!” though… I don’t know yet when it’ll be released in Japan. Hello EMI Japan?

According to Libera Dream Forum, the album has 16 songs.

Joy to the World (Free DL)
Carol of the Bells
Veni Veni Emmanuel
Corpus Christi Carol
Still, Still, Still
The First Nowell (Noel)
and more…

I’m just guessing that it would have also “Silent Night” and “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”…
Anyway, can’t wait for the new album coming!!!:D
29th August UPDATED – Deluxe version?!

In the UK, apparently The Christmas Album has a Deluxe version as well…
And the release date is 7th November. – Amazon UK
In addition, the other songs’ titles seem to be appeared as well. Go see the Libera Dreams Forum if you would like to know.:)

But why Deluxe version and Normal one are the same price…? Wonder what is the different point..:O And also wonder why EMI Japan has not mentioned even about the new album itself at all…

スキっ歯のプチモーゼ in 雪景色\(゜▽゜)/あらいーぢゃなーい♪

とりあえずEMI Classicsは11月1日リリースっつってんね。
てかこのアルバムのこと自体にも触れてない件( ´_ゝ`)ノおーい

そのうち7曲(Joy to the Worldは試聴済)は題名わかっとるみたい。
お!!!アタシの好きなThe First Noelも入ってんぢゃん♥
単にセントフィリップスで歌った(withリベラ)から好きなだけなんだけど。( ̄▽ ̄)ぶっ

きっとSilent NightとHave yourself~は入れてくんぢゃねーかと。



そしていい加減何か言って、EMIじぱんぐ。( ´_ゝ`)ノ


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